⚓ About the Cruise

It is a term used for recreational yacht tours along the Turkish coastline extending from İstanbul to Antalya as well as surrounding Greek Islands.

The route covers the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, along with the Greek Islands.

We recommend you to start from the Gulf of Gökova.

You can make a reservation for your blue voyage by phone or e-mail or through our website.

The cruise route will be set according to the tour programme you have chosen prior to the start of the tour. In the event you want to propose a change or deviation in the route we recommend you to share your request with the captain in advance and prior to your departure. Making changes at the very last minute in the route of such a comprehensive tour is not highly preferred since it would cause trouble for the captain in terms of supply and stopover/ overlay ports. We are fully aware of the fact that your suggestions and comments are a key to a successful trip and will also help you to have a happy holiday and accordingly we are very sensitive and responsive to your requests and needs.

However, leaving the last word to the captain depending on the weather conditions and requirements of the boat will be helpful in terms of your safety and security.

Nationals of the Republic of Turkey holding a green passport are not required to obtain a visa prior to travelling to Greece. Please be advised that the port entry and exit fees and customs duties for cruises to the Greek Islands. Formalities and procedures of entry to and exit from Greece generally take time and sailing to the Greek Islands will not be possible unless these formalities and procedures are completed prior to departure. In this sense, notifying your captain of any proposed route change prior to the start of the tour is of importance to us.

The captain shall determine where to drop anchor depending on the weather and sea conditions.

Yes, sailing on a boat may cause seasickness, in particular when the boat is rolling with the waves rather than moving under its own power as it sails through rough sea waters. We recommend you to take pills with you, just in case, before the departure. If one starts to suffer from seasickness the best thing to do for him/her is to disembark the boat and go ashore as quickly as possible.

For sure, together with our experienced people, in particular the company’s sole proprietor with over 30 years’ experience as a Yacht Captain we can arrange tour programmes in the Mediterranean Sea,

Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and Black Sea specifically designed to meet your requests.

🏄 Activities

To have a swim, take a walk, go surfing, take a sunbath, listen to music and make trekking, take a walk around the archeological sites, read books, play backgammon, etc.

Of course, you can fish with your fishing rod and other fishing gear in the coves where we anchor. For the safety of the boat it is important to tidy up your fishing gear and fishing rod after the completion of the fishing activity.

If you attend to diving tours, yes you can.

It is a very enjoyable and wonderful experience especially at nights when there is a full moon. However, you must inform the boat crew of your intention. We recommend you not to swim alone and far away from the boat or far away from other guests.

🐠 Wildlife

Up until now it has been a rumor, and we haven’t met one yet.

Even so, they are harmless. It is never seen that they struggle against human beings, and at all times they choose to swim away.

Once upon a time there were many jellyfish, fortunately nowadays, there are none around, oh for goodness sake I wish they never come back again.

Please be patient and wait until it gets dark. A swarm of bees always come to visit you especially in the morning and sunset time. They are peaceful and make a considerable contribution to the natural beauty of the coves. All they want is a little food and water. Please do not tangle with bees, and should the need arise please go your cabin.

Yes there might be a few mosquitos, so please do not forget to bring your mosquito repellents with you.

🥗 Food & Beverage

Usually, the food and beverages sufficient to serve all passengers on the boat including the boat’s crew for one week are supplied by our customers. However, all dietary requirements can be catered by the boat staff in line with the passengers’ needs and preferences, and at their Kost provided we are informed in advance and a prior agreement is reached with our customers. Meals are prepared by the professional chef of the boat. Same meals are served to all persons on the boat. Food menus are decided together with our customers at the time of renting the yacht and before the start of the trip.

As a tradition of the blue voyage cruise, the food and beverages sufficient to serve all passengers on the boat including the boat’s crew for the entire duration of the tour are supplied by our guests according to their preferences and needs. However, if you wish our boat staff can supply all of your dietary requirements at a price of Euro 30 per person and per day.

You can buy alcoholic drinks from liquor stores or supermarkets at reasonable prices and bring and them store them on board or otherwise you can buy a variety of alcoholic drinks at the boat’s bar at reasonable prices.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor locations including the hall. On the other hand, smoking is allowed in outdoor areas. However, our guests are required to pay special attention to hot cigarette butts, sparks and ashes while smoking in outdoor areas taking into consideration the wooden parts of the boat.

The breakfast is served between 08:00 a.m and 10:00 a.m. Breakfast should be served not later than 10.00 a.m. due to the fact that at once the preparations begin for lunch and dinner meals once the breakfast service is finished. At all times when breakfast, lunch or dinner is served all guests are seated collectively and all meals are served collectively to all guests at the same time.

The lunch is served between 01:00 p.m. and 02:30 p.m. In general, a typical lunch menu consists of sandwiches and light meal.

Dinners must, at all times, be served after the sunset since bees do not allow dinners to be served at an earlier time.

Five o’clock tea? In Turkey, we drink tea anytime, every time, all the time! It is prepared and served at your request.

🔌 Electronics

In the middle of the sea our energy supply is not unlimited as land-based facilities. However, when the generator is operated or solar powered sockets available on board can be used for charging.

Unfortunately yes, internet access is available on board, though we prefer our guests to spend time in nature rather than surfing in the internet.

Yes, there is. However, in blue voyage cruises, watching TV is one of the least-preferred options by our guests.

⛅ Weather

Please try to pack lightly; bringing a few t-shirts, shorts, swimming suits and a pair of slippers will be sufficient for you to enjoy a nice cruise. We provide towels and Turkish bath towels (peshtemals) to our guests on the boat. However, you would bring your own towels, if you wish to do so. You don’t need to bring each item of clothing in your wardrobe with big suitcases and luggage to the boat since you will not have time to wear them.

Yes, from time to time storms may come up; however, the beautiful side of the story is that we have well-sheltered coves that provide significant protection for boats even during the most severe storms, and therefore our coastline is splendid, perfect and wonderful for a blue cruise.

You may spend time in your cabin or our indoor hall. The captain and the boat crew are well trained, outstanding and experienced professionals who very well know how to handle their boat in rough weather conditions, accordingly please do not interfere with their duties and responsibilities, even try to assist them upon their request and needs.

⛵ Our Boat

Gulets are, in fact, traditional Mediterranean fishing boats adapted to modern use. Their rounded sterns make them unique. On the other hand, a tirhandil is a very unique double ender of the Aegean Sea and a good wooden alternative to a sailing yacht, and a small type descendant of the old Black Sea design galley-type boats.

A ketch gulet (aynakıç) is a sailing boat with a flat stern, which offers more room for more spacious cabin space.

Yes there is. It is used for the safety of the boat crew and for the purposes of transportation and supply if the boat stays, anchored or moored outside a port. You are required to notify the captain and get his authorization for its external use.

Yes, we have a gasoline powered outboard engine.

Of course, it has. From time to time we hoist sails and enjoy a leisurely cruise when there is good wind to move off the boat and sail smoothly. However, please bear in mind that our boats move through the water more often by being propelled by motor/engine power. If you wish to enjoy a leisurely cruise on the boat cutting her way through the waters with sails swelled out by the wind then you are required to give up a part of your comfort since in such situations it is the wind that makes the boat move and this causes the boat to rock back and forth.

Of course, we will hoist our sails when the wind is fair.

24-hour air conditioning capability is not provided in blue cruises however each cabin is equipped with air conditioning. Air conditioners are operated for a certain period of time (usually before bedtime).

They are operated in evenings and for maximum 4 hours per day. Since it is noisy, the generator is shut off during the night.

👨‍✈️ Our Staff

The captain’s main responsibility is to ensure the safe navigation of the boat and is responsible for the safety of all passengers and the crew members and to ensure that all passengers and crew members get off the boat in a safe manner. The captain exercises the powers and performs the duties that are conferred upon him by law and international treaties and conventions. The primary goal of the captain is to ensure all passengers and the crew members have a safe and happy cruise.

In the first place, every person, who works on or serves for the boat in navigation, qualifies as a seaman. For this reason, he may assist to other crew members in emergency conditions under the direction and/or guidance of the captain when the boat is in navigation. The primary responsibility of the cook/chef is to prepare tasty and delicious meals and to serve them on a timely and proper manner. No food or beverages are served when the boat is in operation and moves on the navigable waters. In the mornings in which we set sail on the blue waters, breakfast can be served only after sailing the boat into a bay and mooring it. At all times when the boat is sailing, the cook/chef is the man with the heaviest load on his shoulders. Consequently, drinking a bottle of bear once a while or enjoying the pleasure of sea and sun would help him to alleviate his heavy load.

Contenu d’accordéon

A seaman is responsible for general duties throughout the boat as well as maintenance, cleaning, rigging, mooring and unmooring of the boat, performance of all other tasks assigned to him by the captain including but not limited to cleaning of the deck and cabins, provision of adequate assistance to the cook/chef in preparation of all meal services.

Depending on your relationship with the captain, until the end of the cruise you may learn the basic concepts of steering as an able seaman.

✈️ Visa

Please be advised that citizens of the Republic of Turkey, except those holding a green passport, are required to obtain a visa prior to travelling to Greece and visit the Greek Islands. On the other hand, to obtain a daily visa may not be as easy as one might think. Our guests (including children) taking a cruise to the Greek Islands on one of our boats are required to obtain their Schengen Visas, valid for the entire duration of their tour. Please bear in mind that to obtain a daily visa most of the time would be much more difficult than obtaining a Schengen Visa.